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Here to say ello and if anyone's got anxiety college Blues

Hey everyone, I'm new here and just wanted to say ello.

Also wanted to know if anyone has to deal with their anxiety causing issues with college or work, as my anxiety is making concentrating on my course a bit of a bugger (feeling embarrassed when standing up in class, being paranoid about if people are talking about you) Would appreciate any help with this,

cheers very much 👍

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Hi jack not everyone like standing up in front of others have you tried ktaking to you lecturer or tutor about your problems im sure your not the only one theyve had with this problem im sure they would be able to help ! Regards are you getting treatment for your anxiety. If not try talking it over with your doctor ! Take care and hope things get well soon david


Hi. I would suggest letting either one of you teachers or a counselor know what's been going on asap so that the two of you can agree on what to do from here. I am in college too and struggle with anxiety.


cheers guys, I'm on propranolol to help with the physical symptoms and the college know about it, guess I'll just take it day to day, any one know about IAPT .

Cheers again.


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