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I have to work again this evening and my anxiety is so bad. I'm literally in tears. I don't know how I'm able to continue working. I don't feel well at all. my heart is racing and I feel so sad. I wish I lived a different life and never became a nurse. I'm taking whatever meds my doctor gave me but it just makes me sleepy. Does t really affect my outlook on my job. I don't think meds can fix everything.


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  • Hi so sorry to hear you are feeling overwhelmed by anxiety at the moment,its hard i know whatever job you do when your anxiety is bad,im sure you became a nurse in the first place because thats what you wanted to be and you are good at it,i had really bad anxiety in work and i had to take time off in the end just to take some time to get myself well again,i know its not an easy choice to make,i agree meds cannot fix everything as in my opinion anxiety is made worse in ourselves by how we think and react to situations,it is our thoughts and how we see ourselves that needs working on and pills only mask the real problems,they dont offer a solution,i can only say think about your needs and what you think will make you feel better,dont struggle on indefinitely putting more stress on yourself,i wish you well and hope you find the right way to work through this,i always feel there is an answer and take time to think what you really want to do

  • Thank you. I can't wait to finish four more shift so I can be off on my sickleave. The stress is just too much for me. I don't know what I want to do after but I need to find a new career. I have to look at all my options . Last night was difficult with patients screaming and another patient biting himself. It took a lot out of me to get through that evening. Thanks

  • looking4me, it brought me to tears reading your post. I am so sorry. It sounds like you are burned out. You do really need this time to recover and take care of yourself. I do hope when you are on sick leave you will continue to come to the forum for support. We do care and understand your pain. x

  • I definitely will. thank you.

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