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Anxiety Symptoms

I have had what i think is anxiety for 4 months now and dont seem to be making much progress.

It all started with a stomach virus which did not seem to get better,leading me to think i was terminally ill.I now suffer from Upset stomach,neck tension,dizziness all the time,twitching around my eyes and sleep is impossible due to night sweats and hot tingling skin.i have had tests,ultrasounds,endoscopy,xrays,ecg,catscan and am now on a low dose anti depressant.I am still not really any better.

Anyone got any advice?

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Hi Dal79

You've had lots of tests and the symptoms your describing are typical of anxiety, I know how difficult it is accepting that these symptoms are nothing more than an over sensitized body/mind, look into anxiety, read the many positive replies on this forum, try writing things down, talk to people, fear is a very powerful emotion/sensation, you'll eventually realize this especially as you read through the many experiences others have had on here, your not alone with your condition, we all understand perfectly what a struggling with anxiety is, allow time and symptoms to come and go, your quite safe, you'll be ok :-)


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