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Anxiety, depression, brain fog, constant fatigue

I have suffered from extreme anxiety and depression for around 7 years. I am currently 20 and my anxiety is destroying me physically and mentally. I can't focus, I can't sleep at a decent time, and I am constantly lethargic. I feel like I have inattentive ADD because I cannot focus on anything, even the things I enjoy from long periods of time. Most people cannot believe I struggle with focus and mental stamina because I study engineering at a top university. I am able to get my schoolwork done, but nothing more. My grades are not spectacular and I have no energy for any extra-curricular activities. This mentality has started to really affect my schoolwork as I have poor study habits and trouble with reading. The biggest issue I have is simply deciphering text and things with lots of symbols and the likes. I have short bursts of hyper focus, but only when under a time crunch.

Whenever I have free time, I waste it away at home surfing the web and lounging around like I'm half dead. I can't clean my room, rethink my fashion sense, or even watch a TV show. I can't read a book or even devote myself to hobbies and things I enjoy. I would like to learn 3D modelling, but I can't because everything that is either physically or mentally exerting exhausts me. I have always hated sports as they require stamina and intense focus. I am a quick thinker, but not in the right way. I am extremely scatterbrained and cannot block ambient thought no matter the situation. I am also extremely socially withdrawn. I can't make conversation with people and have no motivation to socialize. I do not find release in socializing and have only one good friend. My shyness is not just a matter of fear, but also one of fatigue, lack of interest, and brain fog. Brain fog and the constant flow of random thoughts in my brain hinder me in conversations with others. As far as I know, I don't have any health problems.

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Hi volubilis, after struggling with anxiety for 7 years, you may have developed Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or Fibromyalgia along with it. Lack of sleep and stress brings both of these into play. Lack of energy, brain fog, not being able to focus, constant lethargy all sound like it could be an autoimmune disorder. It wouldn't be a bad idea to have your doctor or a Rheumatologist check you out for any health problems. Anxiety and Depression are very draining on both the body and the mind. I wish you well. x


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