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My anxiety is so bad today πŸ˜•πŸ˜£

Well today I've been experiencing a lot of anxiety but I think it is but I am thinking it's my heart I did go to the hospital and I didn't EKG but it took forever so I ended up leaving home so I had to cook dinner and go home hours later and my husband called the ambulance because I've been just feeling so horrible I feel so anxious in the chest area and I can feel it on my neck been a couple times where I feel like my heart's going to stop like it's super low and I got the adrenaline and I just feel sick like I want to throw up but normally my anxiety will only last for 5 10 minutes now it's all day I'm not sure it's because I had a few cold beers yesterday night but this is not right and I ended up not going into the ambulance I just wish there was a solution just to help this go away my husband told me to smoke some marijuana but I'm so scared to do that are used to pack them and I did have anxiety when I was painting too and it just helped a lot but now it's just a lot more work a lot more different now. I just don't know what to do I'm so tired I'm so drained out my hands are tingly to this point I can't even eat because of my anxiety being so bad story of my life today I just hope this goes away and I pray to God that keeps me here for the kids with this bad feeling to go away

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Sorry to hear this.

I've also been feeling this way. This weekend was a drag. I had to call the ambulance Saturday because I felt my heart fluttering & since That morning I've had pain on my jaw and left shoulder. I also decided not to go to the ER bc I'm more than sure it's my anxiety getting the best of me.

I still have it now. But I know if something were to happen it probably should of happened already. But my over thinking doesn't help.

I hope you get to feeling better. It could of been the alcohol you had. Alcohol tends to trigger my anxiety as well.


Hello there I'm sorry to hear about your situation when I drink alcohol when I do it makes me feel a lot better but when I tend to stop drinking like if I don't have any my system that's when I get really bad anxiety like Superbad but that's like a bad habit to be drinking alcohol and stuff like that I'm getting it really bad at this point I just keep thinking positive and it's a horrible feeling there's a lot of different anxieties out in this world but life can explain thank you for dropping by and messaging me on here I'm new to this I don't know but it's good to see other people have to symptoms and different symptoms that mean it's not good but at least I'm not the only one I could took my heart and everything last year in December and everything came out fine except for a heart murmur but the doctor said it wasn't life threatening but it's just everything's gone so worse and I just don't know what to do anymore I feel like my heart's going to give out and I pray that it doesn't I wouldn't wish this upon any enemy of mine that's horrible can't even sleep right I stay up all night because of it sometimes I have my good days sometimes I have a bad it all depends I'm sure if it would you drink a beer right now and go away but I can't treat my body like that kill it slowly. Have you ever tried ginger tea that really helps with anxiety


I completely understand you. But you're doing right in not drinking alcohol because that can just harm you in the future.

It's crazy how much anxiety can do to you. And even more if we focus on it. Just try to not pay attention to what you feel.. Breathing techniques, quiet, and being in the dark help me sleep at night. That's the only time I feel no pain. (When I sleep)

No I have never tried that tea before. I will find it and try it.


Yes it hard it crazy how it can put a person threw so much. Im doing my best i love ocean wave music relaxs me md pits me to sleep ..some nites are just rough i wish there is no such thing called anxiety ..i hope you feel better

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