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New to posting

Hi I'm new to this posting stuff my friend suggested it I suffer with anxity and depredation for many many years have Tryed all types of therapy ctb, well Iv resentley been signed off work from my gp witch I have resisted for many months only because we're I work we are soooo short staffed (I'm a nurse) I really enjoy my job but have just felt sooo overwhelmed by it the last few months I'm happy to plod along but work arnt they are pushing me to do things I don't want to like take charge of the ward have student nurses and it's all just become to much ( I struggle sometimes as dyslexic) so Iv been of a cupple of weeks and doctors px me some citalapram 10mg I'm reluctant to take it as I read it can cause weight gain and that's my other big issue I'm nearly 7 stone over weight as I suffer itv social anxity I won't go out I will find any excuse not to. Manly due to my weight.......anyway thought I'd give this a whirl see if anyone has Tryed citalapram and propranolol as that's what I have been Pxd 😊

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