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Don't feel like I look

I don't know if this is the forum for me or not iv been told that I look strong and confident but on the in side I don't feel like I look I think people are staring at me thinking I'm ugly watching for me to make a mistake and when I talk I feel that every one is thinking that I'm not vary bright so I don't talk much and when a girl starts talking to me I vary quickly get overwhelmed my mind races I can't speak good my heart pounds I get sweaty and so I try and end the conversation fast and in the office if to many people are around I'll excuse my self and find a place to hide out for a little I'm not ugly I KNOW I'm not and I have a degree so I know I'm smart WHY DO I FEEL THIS WHY ! Oh ya one it doesn't help that I feel every one is talking about me. Know Doctor for me I'm not going through that I'll just have to deal with this for as long as I can I've made it so far. I saw a drug on Amazon called Zenphorol I'm going to try it !

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Nervjohn, No doctor for you? That's your choice but ordering drugs from Amazon is not very wise in my opinion. There are other ways you can address all your issues without resorting to meds. Wish you well.

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Hi Nervjohn, usually there is a reason you would feel the way you do!! But if you don't know why, have you considered hypnotherapy? It could just be that your mind needs re programming to think differently!! It can be done. You feel paranoid and have low self esteem!! It's such a shame it's getting in the way of you having a Loving relationship too. I'm sure you would benefit from some therapy, weather it be talking to a therapist or even try the free hypnotherapy apps. You can get them for confidence and anxiety. You've nothing to lose. Have a listen before you go to sleep, before you get out of bed in a morning if possible!! And when you have a bit of time spare. I'm sure you can sort this problem out. You will find other people will have some good tips for you. Take care 👍😀


Nervjohn, sounds like you have "social anxiety" but, please, please DO NOT order that drug off Amazon. That is my gut instinct. It would be better to try CBT (COGNITIVE BEHAVIORAL THERAPY). Peace and love be with you.


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