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Mirtazepine and zapain and Diazepam

Hello all these have been my last prescriptions over 12 months has anyone had good or different results when using as combos .i think my healthcare provider is probably frustrated with my case . I have really painful chest pain , fully investigated on at least 6 occasions over the years no heart disease ever diagnosed but I did have an episode of Atrial Fibrillation resulting in papworth ablation . Anyway I have loads of pain and it can be very distressing . Shall I experiment and just mix the tabs as singularly I am not getting much relief :-)) thanks for your input

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I'm sorry you're going through this. Are you saying the tablets aren't helping with the chest pain? I take a dosage of 5mg diazepam in morning and 5mg at night for anxiety. One of the anxiety symptoms I get is chest pain so I sympathise - you must be worried and concerned perhaps that it is an organic cause? would propranolol help with your chest pain/anxiety?


Hello Pattie , it's a very long story and I have used propranolol as well as numerous other meds . The real issue is really that nobody has ever got to the bottom of it and I've been in a loop for along time . But there you go . Alcohol used to help but I stopped because of all the other probs it created. :-))


There was pain relief from alcohol? I don't know Mickysixpence, it could be psychosomatic pain - I'm wondering why you got more pain relief from alcohol than from diazepam and a beta-blocker? Yes, you're wise to stay away from alcohol to medicate this.

What do you think? Is there or has there been something in your life that's been very stressful? Best wishes


Hello pattie , I just saw your reply . Guess what I'm in exactly the same cycle of pain as 10 days ago been taking ibuprofen and fen bid prescription gel since but I'm not getting relief . I think I drank to the point that I just felt nothing but realized after many years that I couldn't carry on I'm 8 years alcohol free :-)) . I know others are experiencing worse stuff than me but I just would love to free from all this crap really . I will pursue massage or Physio and maybe ask doc for a stronger painkiller . I'm not even sure what condition I'm targeting any more . Take care Michael


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