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PTSD Breakdown


New to posting here, just wanted to see what other people think...

I have PTSD, Axienty, depression & a few other things going on. I'm good 90% of the time really happy to be that way. Sometimes I get flashbacks, I lose my temper I lose totally control & go mental.

So one of my best mates was over at my places with my housemates, talking about a bit about what led to my PTSD. I was fine until I was alone, cleaning up the mess after a dinner party, for no reason I lost control. I threw the knife that was in my hand at window in kithcneh that it has fucked it up you can see the impact where it made contact, plus the glass has split in a radial pattern from the point of impact & flew back like two meters, took a while to find the knife it was in a bin... The other part is that I studied martial arts for a while so I know how to handle knifes & weapons hence why it did so much damage.

How do i tell I explain the broken window, the fact i was then crying rolling around the floor for quite a long time, then the garden I'm sure they heard everything. Thus how do you explain a fucked door/window in the kitchen?

I have to go work in a few hours with people depending on me, how do I get better so this doesn't happen again.. ideas would be good.

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Hi Shakou

PTSD, anxiety and depression all have one thing in common. They are all symptoms of fear or prolonged fear brought on by a stressful event or a series of stressors. I recoverec from anxiety and depression brought about by constant anxiety and firmly believe the way to recovery for all anxiety disorders is to allow all those scary thoughts and flashbacks to come but do nothing about them. When I mean nothing, don't try to push them away, argue with them or try to figure out what they mean. Learn to leave them alone and let them gave their say. They will, anyway. It is your resistance to the thoughts and feelings that keep them alive so do nothing and let them go. In other words, learn to be comfortable about feeling uncomfortable. Developing this new attitude takes time but when it clicks, your mind and body will begin to recover but it is a gradual process you have to go through to recover and takes time. You have to sail through the eye of the storm to reach calm waters. With practice, it gets easier but expect setbacks along the way where some or all of the symptoms return and you think you are back at square 1 and will never recover. It is not the case although it might feel like it. Hope this helps.


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