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Why do I do this to myself and Google things so now I'm panicking from thinking of a brain tumor to aneurysm my neck hurts especially when j turn to the left feel like my left side of head feels weird like cloggy I'm on antibiotics for a upper tooth the dentist said the infection is very close to my sinus I'm thinking the worse today been on the meds since Tuesday tooth doesn't hurt but the X-ray show there was an infection I know i sound like a broken record I try to make myself think that if is was a brain issue I wouldn't be able to take the pain

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I suffer more from depression than anxiety, although I do get panic attacks from time to time... however to your point about thinking you have a brain aneurism, I know that my bf has chronic anxiety and is constantly thinking he has something seriously wrong with him. It sounds like you are suffering from your tooth and other factors, so do take care of yourself and take that into consideration.

I know for my bf that stress is a major trigger for him. When he is stressed he thinks he is going to die sometimes, and I can't seem to reassure him.

Take gentle care and keep an eye on your tooth that sounds painful and yes definitely contact the dentist or your doctor if you don't start to feel better over the next couple of days. Hope you feel better soon. But please try not to panic and use Dr Google who has also misdiagnosed me many times before.

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Thank you


littletraveller, tell your BF that anxiety will not kill you. Your heart speeds up from anxiety . When your dieing it slows down. The reason why we feel we are dieing is because are brain tells are nervous system that we think this or that is in trouble and so the body reacts to try to protect it that's why the heart races and the muscles tense up and the chest gets tight. . Anxiety is to much adrenalin in the brain and our body don't know how to react to it because most the time when we experience adrenalin like that we are on a rollercoaster or jumping out of a plain . Also panic attacks are things that we bury from things that have happened to you in past that you either did not deal with it or could not at the time ,it manifests and comes out like that . But once you learn that anxiety will leave just as fast as it comes and to just breath threw it and know and tell yourself your ok (because you are) your panic attacks will be few and far between . Good luck . Hope I could help u , I over came mine by remembering that anxiety can not kill u in fact it's the opposite..


Thanks Leelaa some very kind and helpful advice there. I do appreciate it, and it makes sense what you say about anxiety and how the body is reacting to protect what the brain is telling the nervous system. I have never heard it explained that way before. I will be sure to tell my bf because I feel like the more you understand something, the better equipped you are to deal with it.


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