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im here again im still stressed out abt where im living and please don't judge me im on for surport coz I dnt have anyone to talk to and yes its abt my neighbours I think they reported me again coz I had my housing officer com today telling I need to more some rubbish from my front garden and If I dnt move it il be evicted just wen I thought I would b alright now this and I suspect my neighbours told onme and dnt no how much more I can take I've lived here yrs and the rubbish has been there and now im being threatened with eviction I told her abt the problem with the neighbours she wasn't helpful at all and im told im not allowed to move

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Do you think you could talk to your neighbours and explain why sometimes you may not do things correctly (like cleaning out the garbage) but that if anything is troubling them, could they come to you directly instead and you will make sure that you do it?

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