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Stomach tender feeling 6yrs now

I have bin going insane I just want to rip my head off my shoulders. Like I canot find a speaclist nor a single doctor to find ABSOLUTELY anything wrong ith m stomach like seriously 6 years :( and not one thing has bin found i bin sad my 7 yr old nephew eats more than me I use to be able to out eat my grandpa .... now I consume about 3 glasses of liquid and snacks threw out the day I cant keep a job because I have these attacks :( I simply dnt know what to do is there anyway for a 19yr old to work from home ? :( or any symptoms someone els can relate to ?

My symptoms: if I eat large amounts of food like 2 pcs of pizza im full and feels like my stomach inside tears and I over heat inside and start sweating instantly. Umm feels extremely tendder I burp like crazy I dont burp normal I have o like open my throat "latch" to burp if it doesnt come up it hurts baddly. Around 8-9 everyday pm it gets were it jus brings me o the floor the pain and lasts about 2-3 hours. I cant drink water ! If I drink a gulp it makes me feel like I am going to puke :o I can dri k juice like crazy tho on good days I can fit 1 gatorade down a day ontop eat snacks :) umm I have noticed and stayed away from potatoes chicken and stuff like hamburger they make it hurrrt :s i dont puke i have never puked for 6 years i get backed up alot and trying not to die lol but yea preatty much all , everyday I hope for a cure or a step towards finding out

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Are you taking any laxatives or stomach medication for it? Sorry this doesn't sound anxiety related so not a lot of us here will be able to help out. You may have an allergy (or several) have you been checked out to see if your are, for example, lactose intolerant? Some of the stomach issues sound like my friend who is allergic to dairy when he accidentally eats dairy.


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