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Hi i was put on sertraline 50mgs on thursday and a weeks supply of 2mg diazepam for a week to see me through the first week i am constantly feeling ill clenching my teeth feeling sick headaches raised anxiety restless and cant slrep proply the doctor has just told me to persevere and the side effects will wear off in a week has anyone got any feedback good or bad on sertraline thanks

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Yeh I'm in the same dose I had bad effects!! Fort I felt Betta before I took these tablets, was convince the tablets were making me feel worse! But Infact the were but just tried to keep meaelf busy and now there gone thanks god ...

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Hello, everybody reacts different. I also had sertraline and, I had bad side effects and was very poorly. The doctor advised me to stop straight away. He told me lots of people have effects with sertraline.. Whether you want to go through with it is up to you, it does get better for people who go through with it, but the first two weeks may be full of the bad effects.. But I'm sure the good effects will be worth it x


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