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Heartbeat, panic, etc

Hey all,

I'm new here. I've been dealing with insanely intense symptoms for the last 5 months. Today it's my birthday and I can barely get out of my bed. My heart beats so hard that I can see it everywhere on my body. I have nightmares when I (if I do) sleep and frequently wake up 5-6 times a night. Currently I'm in CBT and I'm on a mood stabilizer twice a day. I'm feeling extremely hopeless at this point. My life changed all in one day and I'm left with this awful feeling that I won't ever get better. I try and meditate, do deep breathing, and all of that stuff but nothing seems to work. The pounding is so hard and it has caused daily panic attacks since March. How do I continue to live with this? I don't see a future feeling so sick and exhausted all the time. People keep telling me it will get better but the longer it goes on, the more depressed I get.

Before all this happened I had anxiety on occasion. Nothing too serious. Any advice or support is appreciated. Thanks for listening.

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Hi, I'm wondering what triggered this. Did you take any antibiotics for any kind of infection before this started? I ask because that's what it was for me. If so, let me know and maybe I can offer some help. If not, I can just tell you to try to have patience and trust your body to heal. They are quite amazing machines, even when something is wrong.


Not that I can remember. I'm on a low dose antibiotic for chronic UTI's but it's not something I take on a regular basis. I remember it started with one night of really bad heartburn...and then I laid awake for hours struggling to sleep. Once I got up and headed to work it felt like the damage was done-I didn't get a full nights rest for the next 6 days and ended up in the ER completely sleep deprived/in a full blown panic/had crazy palpitations since then. I've had a few bad nights since (no sleep) but for the most part I get to sleep and then just wake up a ton (5-6 times) with my heart pounding. It's so bizarre! It's like one night of heartburn and anxiety made my body shift. I didn't even know that was possible. I'm exhausted and on the brink of crying all the time it feels like.


Be sure that the antibiotic you take is not Cipro, Avelox, or Levaquin (anything in the fluoroquinolone family). What is the antibiotic you take?


I know for a fact that being sleep deprived can cause anxiety u need the time to sleep to get better i know u hear it all the time but it will get better just last week i was in a dark ditch that i thought i will never get out of but im doing fine now. Try and get some rest.


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