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Hi folks,

I will you tell you situation in my life at the present time, in the hope maybe others can relate to it, and perhaps feel they are not alone.

I am currently 46 years old (male), and yes I live with my parents. I am very pleased they are still alive of course, because your family is a very precious thing.

The flip side is your family can also at time be your worst nightmare, in terms of having no understanding of yourself as a person.

I am long term unemployed, and struggling to find something I can do, without going crazy.

I face the horrible prospect of my elderly parents passing away, and seemingly having no future in terms of a career in front of me.

So you see my past is bound to disappear, and my future doesnt seem to exist. I feel completely isolated in the town where I live, as a couple of my friends have died, and my social contact is limited.

If my mother dies, well I wouldnt want to be around anymore in the current situation. She is the only person who trys to understand what I am going through. I think to myself is it bloody worth it, all the pain, the anguish, and suffering, and I am not getting anything from life.

I am not a materialistic person. I love peace & quiet, and have always thought that I am not made for this world. This cruel world appals me. Its all about money, if you have it you are lucky, and if you dont you rot.

The most deserving and kind people, get the worse. While if you are a society robot, you seem to get it all.

Anyway, that will do for now.


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My friends and I often think this... if you don't care about anyone or anything, nothing affects you, you plough through life getting what you want with no regard to anyone else. But that's not for everyone.

My Nana said to me - if you can't find kindness, be kindness.

We *need* genuine kindness like you in the world, who sees through the materialistic BS and values people for who they are. dont give up. X

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Thank you kindly ;o)


Sounds tough this. But sometimes you have to lose everything in order to start living. Might be an idea to try something now, build up to moving out instead of becoming increasingly anxious about the inevitable situation of your parents passing away one day. You're 46 now, you could be 50 and be in the exact same predicament, or you could be 49 in a totally new life feeling good. Only you can make it happen. Best of luck


Think about employment caring for others...

Easiest way to get out your own head...

Good luck


Hello Have you thought about becoming a volunteer in something that really interests you ? You sound like a very kind quiet peaceful person There's so much out there obviously I don't know what you are interested in but there is something for everyone You don't have to commit yourself to a lot of time It's a brilliant way of making friends who are like minded and it could easily lead to employment

It is such a horrible cruel world but maybe something to do with nature, gardening animals will make you see the beautiful side of life too ?

I know it's hard but try not to even think of your mother passing away she will one day but dwelling on it happening will only prevent you from enjoying your time with her which will become a regret You are young so I'm guessing she isn't that old ?

Kind and deserving people dont always have to get the worst deal Happiness comes from within if you let it

Please think about volunteering it will open up a whole new future

Look for support groups too you need to chat you aren't alone

There's a whole nice world olut there for you too

I wish you every happiness


Thank you kindly. Yes I think I need to try and find something in nature, or helping people. Thanks.


I hope you find something they are crying out for people like you who aren't all about material gain I'm sure you will find something that will bring you joy

Good luck


Thank you.


We all need to have a dream! A dream is a starting point for reaching our goals ! So if for you that's peace and quiet at least you know that!! You do have a purpose, we all do, but I'm sure you could achieve what ever you put your mind too.We do question what it is at different points in our lives as we travel through the misery and constraints that life and our minds throw at us. I just want to live each day and make the best of it and make the people I love and care about as happy as its in my power to do so, but I'm 54 and I feel 200 sometimes when I think of all I've lived through and experienced. But because of that I appreciate the good days, by doing voluntary work it may just set you on a path that could change your life for the better😀 And yes it's a wicked world!! That sickens me to my stomach And there certainly didn't seem to be any justice, But for all the bad there are good people and good things too. You have to make your own future, everyone has the potential inside them to achieve great things🙏🏻 you just need to feel inspired enough to find it. I wish you lots of luck and hope your future brings you what you need for a peaceful happy life 👍


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