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Type of anxiety

Can anyone identify my type of anxiety. Basically if I do anything physical and strenuous that puts my body under stress I get anxiety. My anxiety is brought on by physical exertion. I'm unable to find the route cause of this anxiety. I have low cortisol and adrenal fatigue but treating this condition does not seem to be improving my anxiety. Thanks

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YES!!!!! I would always get such bad anxiety while mountain biking, skiing, hiking, and basically all of the activities that used to bring me joy. Now I can't enjoy them. It's sad because i was always an active girl but now I'm just bogged down with anxiety.. Can't wait for my bike ride to be over with so I can calm down. Not sure what can be done.. I have been avoiding these activities..


Hey jc, I don't only have the type of anxiety you describe, mines at those times and many others but hopefully I might be able to help. Exercise or activity definitely does that for me and I have figured out that for me it's because exercise mimics the symptoms of anxiety (though of course intended in a healthy way) in exercise our heart rate increases, We become more alert and breathing gets quicker... My body recognises this as anxiety and turns it into it into that familiar feeling even though I've nothing to be anxious about. I use mantras or music to get through this type of anxiety and focus on tiny steps ie just get to the end of this song, or walk to the end of the path etc hope it's helpful x

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You have answered your own question. Adrenal fatigue! You shouldnt be doing anything too physical


Yes! I also have fear of anxiety when exercising. It sucks because I'm afraid to push myself. If my heart rate gets up then I start to panic that I'll have a heart attack. Ridiculous, I know! So, I walk on the treadmill, do yoga and Pilates. They are all low impact. But, I am hopeful that some day I'll be able to go the the gym and kill it...without a Ativan(like Xanax) in my pocket.

Just move your body. You'll feel better. I hope you're feeling better soon


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