You know when you do something embarrassing and you hate yourself for it? Ya.. That's my life. I was running towards my friend who was coming over and I totally fell. Like real bad. I did like a forward roll and it was so awkward and I tried to play it cool but it was just more awkward..and I hate myself. Ugh. I'm such an idiot and now I'm in pain and she is probably judging me and can't I just go live in a hole of something? 🙃😒


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  • Hi Annielane, accidents happen. You have nothing to be embarrassed about. The more important thing is Are You Okay?? No one would or should judge you for getting hurt. I hope your pain goes away soon. x

  • I just keep replaying it in my head. I don't know, everything hurts. My leg has a long cut on it and a bruise and it kinda hurts internally and my neck/shoulder kinda hurts and my arm/elbow hurts.. My ankle also hurts but it was already a problem but I might've made it worse. But I didn't tell anyone I fell cause or that I was hurt because it was my fault that I fell. I should've been more careful. I don't want to tell people and have them laugh at me.

  • Oh my dear, you really did get hurt bad. I am so sorry. It wasn't your fault that you fell. It could happen to anyone of us. I don't know of many people who would laugh at someone's pain. Maybe you should have a doctor take a quick look at all your bruises. When did all this happen? Did you hit your head at all? Keep us updated in how you are doing. At this time, I feel your feelings are hurting more than your physical pain. Don't be so hard on yourself, this is your time for a little TLC. x

  • No I don't need a doctor. I'll be fine. I didn't hit my head. I'm just sore. I'll be okay. Ya.. Thank you.

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