Do you wish to get better?

Then if you do there are steps to understand what is happening...

Let's view your brain as a car engine, you put your foot to the accelerator for years, and things will constantly go wrong...

This is what is happening in a racing mind, things constantly go wrong...

Your subconscious which has never relaxed, searches for things to worry about...all your imaginary ailments, and self created aches and pains will persist until you realise that to take your foot of that accelerator...

Your mind does not know how to relax and think nice thoughts, it is just in a habit of negative thought which can be broken..

You have to look after and be kind to yourself, put yourself first at least till you get well, then help others less fortunate which destroys the poor me,s.


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  • Don,t give up, so was wishes, look after yourself

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