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Hey I know I been writing a lot lately just I been going thru it's. I had gotten a cramp in my arm like a week go and now my shoulder been hurting. I feel my paulse thru my body I feel like something bad is wrong with me I scared can bearly sleep at night beacuse I'm scared and now I see my heart beating in my neck laying down feel like I can't breath I need someone to talk to who been thru what I'm going thru

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this is quite normal to get all these of symptoms and more with anxiety. I experience the same and used to think I had something seriously wrong with me. I know I have not but when anxiety kicks in and my panic takes control I'm irrational again and my brain goes into overdrive, so I do understand how you feel. I know its easier said then done but just try and distract yourself with something or try and focus on some calming breathing techniques or just go and make your self a cup of tea just to bring yourself back into the here and now to enable your body to relax and calm again.

Best Wishes

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