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Freaking out today

Tomorrow my husband is taking me away from home to the pain clinic 70 miles away to get back injections. Not only do I have to leave home and see people I am scared of having a panic attack from the steroids in the following few days. I am trying to do the deep breathing but am so tense and dizzy and my chest feels tight. I have had a heart Catholic a few years ago and know the condition of my heart so I am not afraid that it is my heart. I used to be a nurse and have actually helped doctors treat severe panic attacks and heart attacks before these things started happening to me. So I have a knowledge base which I use in managing how panicked I get. But it still feels so horrible. My most real threat from prolonged severe anxiety is high blood pressure, which I have. At 57 years old, with my risk factors a stroke is a more likely risk. Still, knowing what my body is doing does not help me make it stop. What do you guys do to manage symptoms without medication?

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A heart catheterization not a Catholic. LOL


Hi Lindamy, first of all, I wish you well on the drive to the pain clinic as well as with the back injections. I've had steroid shots in the past which did not bring on a panic attack. However, the worrying about it can produce the anxiety level to rise. Having a medical background like yourself, we know what causes our symptoms as well as enough knowledge to know the real dangers of high blood pressure. True, that knowing what our body is doing does not make it stop once we are in a state of panic. So as to how to control it from escalating, I bring my headphones and meditation/relaxation tape with me to doctor appointments and listen to it while in the waiting room. As I sit there I start the deep breathing while listening to the audio suggestions on calming both the mind and body. You are fortunate in that you have 70 miles that you can be doing this to better prepare you for the drive as well as seeing people. In doing the deep breathing, you know it will also work on bringing down your b/p. There's a point that we can get to that will bring the b/p numbers from high to normal. I also use the deep breathing alone while having a procedure done. I am no longer on medication for anxiety so this is my one and only technique that I use daily now. Remember we will be here at the forum if you need a little extra boost of support and caring. Good luck, let us know how you do. xx

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Lindamy, I'm wondering how you made out with the trip to the pain clinic? Wishing you less pain both physically and emotionally. x


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