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Now I'm fearing blood clots

I had pain, aching, and twitching in my leg for 3 days went to the emergency room because the pain felt bad and wouldn't go away I also couldn't sleep because every time I dosed off I would be breathless and my heart raced.

I thought I had dvt because I'm overweight and I'm not active. I've smoked here and there too.

The pain doc did a physical exam on me and asked questions. He told me doesn't think I have a blood clot in my leg he said chances are 1 in 1000.

I keep thinking I do and that it will break off and go to my lungs.

Its scary to think about.

He also listened to my heart and lungs.

And ekg.

Everything was okay.

Oh and the pain in my leg went away the next day. I just have this twitching/fluttering.feeling that comes and goes in my legs and other parts of my body.

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You could eat more garlic/onions

That helps prevent clots

And if you have bruising use Hirudoid cream immediately as that breaks down

anything that could cause clot

If you have anxiety about health issue good to google what you can do to avoid that issue safely.

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Ps Pleased to read you're ok after tests

That must bring some reassurance.

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I felt that too last week. I went for a check up and asked the doctor for a request for venous doppler ultrasound on my feet (left and right). He agreed. Early this morning I had the scan and everything is normal. Praise God! :)

But I still feel the random pain in my legs. Kinda bothering but I'm assured that it's not a cloot. Anxiety is messy. BEFORE the scan I felt dizzy. Ugh.

I curse anxiety and command it to go to the pit in Jesus' name!

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