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So i just woke up and was fine but when i sit up i couldnt lift my right arm bc it was so numb,i slept on that side but now i notice my cheek anf ear is numb on that side too and its been like 5 minutes.i can move my arm now but it still feels week and like my muscles are still asleep or so terrified ive had a stroke.i can move and feel my right leg,so could it still just be numb from sleeping on it?hopefully im just overthinking it.someone help please.

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How are you feeling now has it gone ?

I know this can happen to me and it is usually because of the way I have slept

You no doubt are overthinking this as this is the nature of anxiety but unless it keeps happening which in that case you could talk with your Doctor about it I would try not to worry , hopefully it is just one of those one of things that sometimes happens :-)

Take Care x


Yes it went away finally.i was just overthinking it.but that scared me so bad,i now think im always having a stroke or gonna have one.anxiety is a terrible thing to just ruins my life.



I am pleased it went and you are feeling better and anxiety does this once one crisis is over in our minds it creates another one that way it keeps a hold of us

Try to accept this is your anxiety causing this you are half way there if you do :-) x

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