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How can I stop thinking about dying?

All I can think about all day every day is when am I going to die, how am I going to die, am I going to panicking, am I going to still have derealization, am I going to die soon, what's going to happen when I die, am I dying right now. :( How is it that I used to go years and years without thinking about this? And people without anxiety don't think about either. But now I can't imagine not thinking about it.

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Omg this is Meeeeeee. I hate it sooooo much. At times I get pissed and other times I get so depressed cuz I can't get those thoughts out of my head at all. From the moment I wake up, all thoughout the day, until I go to bed, it's all that's on my mind. I catch myself laughing and having a good moment sometimes and that thought comes racing back and depresses me completely.. I was never like this before and no body around me is either.. I just want it to stop and go back to normal


I used to think about it a lot as a child!! Looking back I know it was due to being anxious about a situation that was happening at the time. However I believe we all have a date already stamped by our names of when that will be!! Just a little under 3 months ago my partner was told I might not make it through an operation as I was so ill.i came through it and today my friend called in and said I looked lovely and who would have thought a couple of months ago I'd look so well now!! So try not to worry because you're wasting time you could be spending having a good time and being with people you love!! When the thought starts try think right!! This is the point I need to do something I like or love doing 🙏🏻

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