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First time on drug can get addicted

Hello there ,

I have never used drug but I'm scared that someone put drug into my drink. The day before yesterday , I went to a cafe to buy Mocha with my friend . We just bought 2 cup of Mocha and then I need to line up again to buy another one and that time I just left my drink on the table which my friend sat but there are two guys sat at this table too not only them there are also a lot of people that walked pass my drink . I m just scared that those people might put drug in to my drink because my friend didn't pay attention and look at my drink and then I left from the cafe but I don't feel bad , I m worried that I will be drug addicted because I accidentally left my drink at that time. Yesterday, I always think about it every time and try to google for sign and symptoms and then I started to feel like I have some of it . I have a headache, want to vomit , trembling , fever something like that . I don't know what to do right now , I'm so scared that will ruin my life and I also cry over this too. What can I do , help me ??? Using drug for once can get addicted ? Is it easy to quit it for using it one time ? How do we know that we will need it again ?

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