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No insomnia and only a little waking at night-so why do I still feel so tired when I'm anxious?!

as the title say I don't have insomnia like a lot of people with anxiety. I do wake during the night but probably only a little more than the average person and I go back to sleep ok. But...when ever I get anxious I feel so tired! I sit in work some days struggling to keep my eyes open. Other days are fine, usually when I've been a little less anxious the day before but at the moment its getting so bad its taking over my life. I feel like I zombie going through the day and I just don't feel present anymore. Does anyone else get this? More of the posts I read are about not bing able to sleep but I have the opposite and can hardly stay awake despite how much sleep I get. Xx

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I do wish I could have some of your sleep but I also know that with anxiety the symptoms are so real and so taxing on your body, the muscles, the organs, it's exhausting! mentally and physically.

It can also be a sign of depression which I also have, although my anxiety doesn't let me sleep much, when I do get a full night it's like I never slept still. Do you suffer with depression?

Have a look up on what anxiety does physically, especially panics. It's simply exhausting. It's not about the hours slept, but the quality of sleep needed to restore energy and promote healing. If it's not good quality sleep, it does nothing much.



I'm not sure about the snoring but its worth looking into. I don't show any other signs of thyroid problems that I'm aware of. I have mentioned this to on a few occasions but I always get told ts my anxiety issues causing it. It dies seem to go away when I get periods of not being stressed and anxious which supports their theory but unfortunately doesn't give me any ideas of how to feel better. X


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