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Radiation measurement, tests

Does anyone know if there is any way to measure the current level of radiation within the body? Are there any tests to be done in order to quantify this as am happy to do anything possible in order to see how much radiation I got in the body at the moment as a result of that awful CT I had 4 weeks ago.

It is unbelievable to what health hazards the doctors put the patients these days.

I keep hearing it's safe "and nothing to be worried about" but according to most articles I read the medical radiation is directly responsible for the main cause of cancer and brain tumors. So happy to hear any suggestions in terms of determining whether am at any risk at the moment.


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Hello AlexLu

To my knowledge there are no tests however if you speak with your Doctor they maybe able to tell you more

If we keep researching a fear it will always come up with negatives and worsen the anxiety we already have , these tests can also be a positive in finding anything wrong and usually because of this outweigh any negatives


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All my life I feared being exposed to radiation etc..and here I am


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