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CT scan

Hi All, as some of you may know 4 weeks ago I had a head trauma and the doctors did CT scan to the head and spine but now am worried about the levels of radiation I have been exposed to as this may increase the chances of me getting brain tumor.

I am 28 yo, male and this is the only CT I ever had in my life.

Could anyone advise what their experiences were with head CTs and whether I would be at any risk at all? Doing an MRI in 4 days time so worried about the prospects of finding a brain tumor as a result of the radiation...

Is there any investigation or test I can do in order to see whether I am at risk of developing brain tumor or to see how much radiation I got?


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I am not a Doctor but I am sure the CT scan and radiation will not have cause a Brain Tumor

I have had X rays again that is radiation and the only time it would cause an issue is if we were exposed to it on a regular basis which you are not

They would not do these tests if they thought it would harm us and I am not sure if there is a test but if there was I doubt very much they would think because you had one CT scan you needed testing , this is your health anxiety talking and filling you full of fear

Speak with your Doctor if you feel really worried and I am sure they will reassure you :-)

Let us know how you are after the MRI scan

Take Care x


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