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Could this happen?

I have a new health anxiety thought in my head that scares me everyday and won't ever leave my head.

I constantly worry about my thoughts in my mind overwhelming my body to the point where my heart rate could increase constantly until I had a heart attack. I now fear about walking outside a distance alone because I'm afraid some panic attacks will set off with no way to stop them and I'm doomed! If that wasn't bad enough, I'm worried about my heart rate constantly to the point where everytime I think of a large number, it will cause my heart rate to increase up to that number. I know it sounds silly but I find it extremely frightening! I don't have a heart condition but it still freaks me the heck out! How can I deal with this? Could this really happen or is it just a silly imagination of mine?

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I once read a claire Weekes book and she said that the heart is a strong muscle much stronger than we realise . If it helps when I had a stress test ecg I had to get my pulse up to 185 bpm and it took thirteen minutes on the treadmill to get it up and no harm came to me during that .

I understand how you feel though try to keep calm and remember to breathe slowly calmly and deeply.

Take care

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