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Checking in

Hey everyone hope all is well haven't written in a while been trying to deal with my ups and downs last week made two years I lost my dad and it was a rough one I miss him so much trying to keep positive on things and trying to keep busy I still have days where I worry so much about my health... Ugh weeks ago was I thought I had a brain tumor it's always something major wish I could get myself to feeling like I use too take care everyone

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Hi Oliveira42970, nice to hear from you. I understand how difficult it is when anniversaries of people we lost come around. It hurts so much. My dad died many years ago and I still would give anything to have him in my life again. It's hard to keep positive when worrying about a catastrophic event but with practice hopefully you will one day feel like you use to. Take care and stay well. xx


I just lost my dad.


I'm so sorry SussieQ... x


So sorry it's so hard to lose someone u love


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