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Am I looking too closely?

Okay, this one is going to sound weird. Two days ago I had a realy bad day at work. I've been doing so well lately, not a single anxiety attack in almost a year. Then this day happens, I come home with a brutal headache. Next morning, I wake up feeling better, but I look at my daughter and it seems like one of her eyes is slightly swollen. Check with hubby for confirmation, he doesn't see it.

The days goes on, after camp, I pick her up and it now looks like the area between her eyes is just a little more... flat.. than it usually is.. Not exactly swollen, but it just looked different to me.. like I couldn't see the demention in the bridge of her nose as much as usual. Showed it to Hubby.. Still. nothing.

She goes to sleep, I look at her while sleeping, appears fine. This morning she wakes up, and to me it appears like her eye lids are puffier than normal. I show it to Hubby, and again, he says she looks PERFECTLY FINE. I've been obsessing about a picture I took of her last night, and I'm SO afraid that when I go pick her up at Camp in a few minutes, it's still going to look weird to me, although no one else sees it but me.

Could this just be a form of an anxiety attack, taking route on my daughter? Could I really just be scrutinizing her normal face and creating something wrong, that isn't actually there?

If I took her to the doc and explained this, I'm afraid they'll look at me like I'm nuts.

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I think it's absolutely possible that it could be caused by anxiety. If your husband has said she looks fine then she might just be. As anxious people we tend to get anxious over our health and our loved ones health I've phoned the doc because I thought my daughter has eaten stock cubes ( cause of the high salt intake she was only 2 I think) she went into the cupboard and got them. If we believe we hsve something wrong or someone else does we convince ourself of thst and can see or hear what we want to hear. Hope your okay soon and your daughter doesn't have puffy eyes xxxx


Thank you for replying.... When I picked her up she was perfectly fine... I kept looking at her, checking over and over to see if it would change, but alas, it didn't. I keep looking back at the first picture I took and I STILL think it looked like she was puffy.. so I can't rule out if it was my anxiety or not, but either way she looked much better Friday afternoon and fine all weekend.

Just thought I'd give the update!



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