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Feel like my anxiety is going to cause me to have a break down

Second bad night in a row for sleeping. Fell asleep okay but woke up with 2-3 hours not being able to sleep again. Extreme anxiety 24/7. Always feeling like the panic is right there in my throat and chest but never fully develops. It's driving me insane. Starting to get dissociative and foggy, probably because I'm so fatigued. I have this stupid fear I'm getting the onset of schizophrenia. I know that's dumb but it's true. Also worried about driving as I feel really messed up the last few days. I actually like driving but I'm worried my judgment and timing is obviously off. Working full time, can't afford to quit or scale back. I'm a PSW caring for someone who has daily episodes of psychosis herself. Probably the worst job for me right now lol I'm forgetting things, losing track of time and just general feel like I'm going to go insane at any moment. I just want to sleep and be at home. Think I might give the crisis line a call after work and see about getting some help. This sure did escalate quickly. This wasn't me even a week ago. Where did I go? I just wanna be me again...

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You are obviously stressed because of the full time job and your actual job adding more stress on you.

If you are afraid of driving as you said try to listening to music you love while driving, and sing along it might help you.. or even call someone and talk to them via speaker.

As for the panic attacks, i almost got one last night but i immediately started thinking of something else.. such as.. this may sound stupid but it worked.. i thought about maths lol i started making equations like 2300-1273 = how much and thinking about that will make you fully focused on it that you will forget about the panic attack.

Also try drinking chamomile tea, i've heard it has calming effects and releases GABA in the brain which are neurotransmitters that calms you down.


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