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Randomly feeling like im trying hard to breathe

Ill randomly start feeling like I cannot breathe.. i feel like i start obsessing over breathing and it can last as long as a few hours. Usually it passes in an hour or two... Also my oxygen level said it was 86% 2 nights ago on the pulse oximeter. Usually my reading is 96-98%.. i've had the oximeter for a while so it could be it needs to be reset.. im also expecting my time of the month soon...

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Hi KatieRichie94, Besides our anxiety, the hot weather can play a roll in feeling like we can't catch that full breath. The more we think about it, the difficult it can become. Rather than trying to force the breath to come, take some short shallow breathes but exhale to a longer count. Eventually it will click in and your breathing should go back to normal. Diverting your attention to something mind provoking will also help. Watching tv won't do it.

As for the oxygen level being 86% you know as well as I that it is on the low side. The doctors usually want to see it above 90% or higher (esp at your age) I haven't had to change the battery on mine so I'm not sure about resetting. As long as you have the oximeter, when you are able to go back to breathing normally, sit at a table and place the oximeter on your finger and do slow deep breathing. I'm sure you will see that the number will go up. It may have just been a fluke the other day. Katie, you are doing so much better than when I first met you. Hope things turn around soon today. xx


Katie, are you breathing any better yet?


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