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Weird feeling like I might pass out?

So for a while my anxiety wasn't bad at all because my depression numbed me but after I got a hold on my depression I've noticed a spike in my anxiety again.. About a little over a year ago is when I started having problems with anxiety and before I had a label for what I felt, I would get these weird feelings like my head kinda gets heavy and everything kinda starts to spin or look distorted and I feel like I might pass out although I'm not really sure how that would feel I can just imagine. It's like I'm losing control. Like I'm not me. It's super uncomfortable but I usually just fight it off. It happens when I'm sitting down still. I'm not dehydrated or anything. Should I be concerned? Is it just anxiety? I'm so tired of having anxiety. So tired.

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I know I have felt as you do when my anxiety was at its worse and very much sounds like this is your anxiety , but I would speak with my Doctor , let them clarify they feel this is the cause and see what they can offer in a way to support you

I am sure with the right support you will come through this as you must be so strong to have overcome your depression

Take Care x


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