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strange headaches and anxiety

Hello everyone,i read a couple of posts and i bet i can understand what ya all going through.Lately i have been experiencing strange headaches something going on top of my head and muscle tightness .I was worried when this happened for the first time and since then i have anxiety issues coz i am constantly worried about these headaches .This has been going on since 5 months with no help.I did meet a couple of doctors but no help at all.Mri and ct scan was normal .I really don't know what to do now,my life sucks coz of this.I used to be happy and carefree.I wish i could find a solution for this problem..:(

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next time you feel this headache and muscle tightness. try massaging your scalp, as tension cause cause tight muscles and headeaches. i also give my hair little tugs just gently grab some little tufts of hair and pull slightly. i also squeeze my eyebrowns genly between my fingers and i can feel real pain there so i just keep gently squeezing until the pain goes. its lke a tension headache. and getting the bood running back into the scalp and muslces can be a great help. i hope that you feel better soon and I'm also very pleased for you that your mri and ct scan;s were normal.this is great news, love grace xoxoxo


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