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panic attacks

sometimes I feel so crappy with my panic attacks. my arm gets numb my left one and its hard to breathe. then you google and it says heart attack , then you go to hospital and they don't take tests they just tell you its a panick attack. I don't feel confident by them just looking at me and saying that and it worries me everyday still that it could be something else

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You're like many of us on this anxiety board. I've had many tests and still refuse to believe that something is not wrong with my back and feet.

Tests performed at the ER rule out the most obvious life threatening issues. If the hospital says it's not a heart attack then it probably isn't. They won't be able to run all the advanced specialized tests that require more time than just a short visit to the ER. Therefore, if you are concerned with making sure your heart is in sound condition you should probably go to a cardiologist and they can perform specialized stress tests or EKG on you.


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