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Breathing tips

So about 3-4 months ago when my anxiety was really bad I remember I would feel breathless all the time and I would be very much aware of my breathing constantly and I also seemed to control my breathing which was bad as it probably caused me to feel even more breathless as I was taking in too much oxygen and caused chest pain. this has started again last night thinking it's got something to do with my parents leaving for holiday and being left with just my sister plus not getting much sleep. But I can't rem how I got out of it before and how I did so does anyone else get this and how do you overcome this? As its setting off my anxiety slowly and I don't want to to back to the way I was 5 months ago.

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Just found this and think it is good advise on Breathing and Anxiety

I will put you the link and have a read and let me know if you found it helpful :-)

Take Care x

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Just remember the 3 second rule that's what I do breath in for 3 seconds and out for 3 seconds all through ur nose and counting in ur head it'll slow in breathing so u don't hyperventilate

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