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My suffer

Hi...I need support with the people out there Iam 23 years old male ..on 2015 February I had my first panic attack i dont know what was that ...after that i had it two three times ...then i searched it through the symptoms and attack then I was consulted by my GP and I was aware slightly that I was going through anxiety before consulting the doc ...but couldn't figure it out clearly with more panic without knowing what...after consulting he prescribed me with citopam 10mg and I had consultation every two months and he tried to increase the dosage to 20mg and I was like no to him with the effects of 10mg gave me so I continued being on 10mg and didn't turn back to doctor after 8 months or so I was feeling kind of okay...and thought of withdrawing by myself....and slow it down by skipping the pills on a day or two and totally stopped it...after two to three I was okay...then I got the strike back heart palpitations...swallowing saliva,deep breath, burping...the same thing what I had a year ago...I don't know why this again striking me..this totally break me down with negative to overcome this should I walk into medication again...???

Help me out ???

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Your post is old, however that doesn't sound very good. Did you get any panic attacks after? When was your last panic attack?


not now

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