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Prozac update

Just to update, I saw my psych and am now on day 8 of 20mg of a new Prozac.

The last 4 mornings I have woken at 6am with hot rushes thru my chest and arms, then anxiety kicks in shortly after.

The last 2 days have been quite hard, nauseous/shaking/depressed/tired/weak/edgy/constant butterflies, and in my 18 or so years of anxiety, I don't ever remember it being this rough. So scary....

I do realise Prozac has a lot of initial side effects, and have read that it's best to stick with it, so I guess that's what I'll do.

I needed to face the shopping Center today to pick up some paperwork for a Bali holiday, and just the thought of going there had me peaking all morning. I skipped on the appointment as I couldn't bring myself to go to the shops. I'm very lucky to have such a supportive GF who went for us.

For work I fly from Melb-bris-Townsville this Sunday, and that's in the back of my mind too, fuelling the fire. It's amazing that I can see exactly what the causes are, but feel so powerless to confront them.

The other day I just walked each aisle of the supermarket with my headphones in, just for some exposure therapy, I was on edge the whole time.... But I guess I survived.

This is my second week off work now, apart from a shift last weekend, and for the most part I have been just relaxing on my bed watching TV, which I'm feeling guilty about. But Sunday I will be working for 11 days straight, so I guess I'm allowed to rest, especially whilst starting these new tablets.. Scared of how I am going to survive the side effects if they are the same as what they are right now....

Really scared of my life at the moment, and hoping the Prozac will start doing its thing soon to give me some much needed confidence.

Cheers for your thoughts guys, Jase

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