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Since I haven't been having obsessive thoughts about my breathing and chest, i'm now worrying about how I feel. I had my first period in 115 days last week. I know its TMI for the guys but I'm explaining this as I believe its contributing to what I have been feeling. I have been getting more sleep the past few nights. I ate a lot yesterday and had this weird head rush feeling which made me feel like I would pass out in bed... Today I could only walk a mile because I felt like I would faint. I have never fainted and the doctors have not found anything medically wrong. I am guessing my migraines could be causing this. Ive been having head pain since Saturday and I still feel off. Any advice or feedback is wonderful.


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  • You should really try meditation. Go to a park in unpopulated area. Sit down and clear your mind, and listen to some meditation music, while feeling the breeze on your face and feeling the heat from the sun. You need to clear your mind of all this negative chi. You have to center yourself, and put positive thoughts into your mind

  • Hi. tmi for guys too. My menstrual cycle has been so light for years and I have also been feeling light headed and felt like I could pass out, dizzy. If I look down I feel like my eyes and brain are winding round in circles. I started taking propranolol for anxiety about 2 months ago and OMG I bled for like a month. I took myself off it straight away as it did not feel normal. Perhaps we are supposed to feel dizzy and light headed.... I don't know.

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