Neck tension, hoarse voice

does anyone else get neck/jaw tensions with their anxiety? I almost feel like I'm clenching my jaw and the bit underneath is tight and also the tendons/muscles that run down either side. Its been happening since I started getting anxious and stressed recently. I have also had a hoarse voice on and off for a few months but it only lasts for a day or so then reappears after a few weeks. I cant help but wonder if the tension could be causing it or at least making it worse. I heard tension in your neck can put strain on your vocal cords.

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  • Hi gemp54, I tend to also have neck/jaw tension with my anxiety. I don't grind my teeth but to clench my jaw, so much so, that lately under my jaw starts to quiver at times. I do have the hoarse voice because of tension as well as dryness. So I guess you are not alone with this one. I'm sure others can relate. What do you do to relieve the tension in your jaw and neck?

  • well its fairly new to me so I'm still trying to find something to work. I'm trying to massage my neck and jaw which seems to help for a bit but as soon as I stop the tension snaps back again! I only really just realised how much tension I have in that area and also that it might be related to my hoarse voice. I have a night out Friday and by the time I got back my voice was sore. Its been getting a bit better and it was hardly hoarse at all this morning but after half hour of getting uptight with the kids (2years and 4 years-neither were co-operating!) its coming back and I can feel the tension again. I don't know if you have the same but when I'm stressed I also find I kind of over swallow. Like I'm taking a big gulp but of nothing. I don't know if this combined with the tension is aggravating my throat. Xx

  • I clench my teeth all the time and I don't even realize it. It causes me to get a lot of cavities I also grind them. It does help to get a mouth guard you can get one at any sporting goods store it really helps :)

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