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I think I stopped a panic attack

This was super scary. I was eating and it's Normal for your heart rate to elevate when your eating. But I started to panic and my heart began to beat faster. I legit thought I was having a heart attack. For the past couple of days, it feels like my heart is pounding but when I check my heart rate, it's normal. I stopped it by closing my eyes and breathing deeply. This was super scary. What are some other things you guys do to calm yourself down during or after a panic attack?

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What was your heart rate BPM Hidden ?


I'm not sure. I didn't check it because I would've scared myself even more


When I eat the 'wrong foods' my heart always begins to race and pounds like a sledgehammer . When I eat the 'right foods' it doesn't even speeds by a beat. Listen to your body. Find out whats good for you. Your body never lies to you.


I also suffer from heart palpitations and I do breathe through them which helps a lot !!

Also for the last few months I have been drinking coconut water as I heard that it contains magnesium and potassium , which will help with our symptoms.

I must say that since I have been drinking it, my heart palps are a lot less intrusive and easier to deal with !! Read up on the benefits of drinking coconut water you will be amazed !! Good luck x

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