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Hey everyone. I know some of you are religious and some of you aren't. That isn't what matters though. I follow this pastor named Joel Osteen. I have saved a lot of his sermons on my tv. Today the sermon I listened to had to do with focusing on partial completion. He mentioned how instead of focusing on having anxiety, depression , bipolar or any other mental illness focus on how far you've come and the days where you were productive even though you had to deal with the illness. This will make your days a lot happier. God will give you the big happiness when you start congratulating yourself on small things. This thought applies to a multitude of situations. I am in college and often times I focus on how many classes I've dropped. I am going to start focusing on how far I've come! I hope this is encouraging to you guys!


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8 Replies

  • Very encouraging thank u for sharing

  • Keep up the good work girly. Don't be to hard on yourself God puts you were you need to be.

  • Great advice! Thanks! Whenever I feel like I am getting nervous I repeat "the lord is my shepherd. I shall not want" which reminds me that there are some things I have no power over therefore I must trust in God and his ways.

    Again, thanks!

  • Really good advice. I'm in the same position as you, having dropped several classes. But I have also completed many many others. Every small milestone we make is massive and we ought to congratulate ourselves on every one we achieve.

  • Thank you for this. I personally follow Pastor Greg Laurie. He has a silly sense of humour too. I generally turn to his vids and podcasts when things are particularly bad. He suffered much throughout his life. I also very much like Pastor Francis Chan.

    Sincerity is important to me. These two men are truly blessed.

  • very good advice thank you :) XX

  • Encouraging.. Thanks for sharing. Wil do.

  • I completely agree and I absolutely love Joel and Victoria Osteen. I follow them both on Facebook. I'm allergic to almost everything I can't just take meds to "fix" my panic attacks and anxiety. God has brought me through this once for an entire year and a half free of anxiety and panic attacks. Then Somehow I fell thru the cracks and started the negative thinking again and have been getting the panic/anxiety again. I know he will bring me thru it again. I pray you are healed!

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