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Please help

I had a very stressful day and lack of sleep now it feels like im short of breath i can feel my shoulders are veryyy tense and my back aches ive been trying to exercise lately and i am so sore but now this breathing issue i am so focused on and it runs me into a panic. It seems no matter how much we have these anxiety symptoms they always scare me i could never get used to them anyone else feels this way or is having issues with this?

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Sorry you are not great today :-(

When we are lacking sleep it flares up our anxiety and the breathing is an anxiety symptom and of course the more we focus on our breathing the more labored it gets

I don't think any of us gets used to these feelings and even when you are getting on top of your anxiety if they rear their ugly head it still makes you instantly want to panic but I think telling yourself you have had this before and nothing bad happened because this is anxiety causing it and waiting till it passes again helps to keep it under control

The more you move forward with your anxiety the less these things occur but when they do we have to remember how well we have been doing and the reason we have noticed we are having a blip must be because we have been making progress or how would we know we were having a bad day ?

Exercise is good for us as we all know but we can sometimes be extreme in what we do , make sure you are not overdoing it :-)

A few good nights sleep would do you the world of good you need to recharge your batteries as I say and I hope this passes soon :-)

Take Care x

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Thank u for your kind words and advice i just need to get some sleep lots of it


Yes I am sure that would help , maybe read when you go to bed it really helps me to go to sleep

I am not getting any notifications that I have replies not even in my emails so I am having to try and remember who I have replied to and looking if they have commented , I think HU must be making some changes but it is quiet on here today and wondering if some are struggling also with the site

I hope you get a good nights sleep would be a good start :-) x


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