Just focus

Just focus

Just so anxious at this moment. Watching series with my husband and just suddenly felt like this overwhelming feeling coming over me. Felt like i just had to get up and drink something got dizzy when i went to the kitchen then felt like i was in a unreal feeling. Drank some hot water and cayenne pepper. Went and just had quite time praying and reading Gods word....im laying down now feeling tightness on my breastbone when i breath it hurts....now i feel like sudden sharp pains on my sterum on my right sids of breast it comes and goes, i am so scared when i get these random pains. 6 years and still every physical symptom scares me....

God is love and His healing is devine.xxxx

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  • So sorry you are having a hard time. I know how you feel. I am completely off my meds except for Ativan thyroid med and the pain med for my back due to the other pain med really messed my stomach up. Like you I am a believer and my Christian friends pray for me. I will pray for you

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