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Just An Update

So I went to my therapist today. I did have a reaction to the Prozac so SSRI are def a no go for me. They want me to discuss possibly BuSpar as an option with the psychiatrist but this has completely ruined anything for me. Also they said that once my anxiety is managed it could either make my depression go away or make it take a front seat like it just did. I feel a little better today, anxiety was awful this morning but I am still here. Still making it. Thank you to everyone for their support and kind comments. You all are so great and supportive, I love you all!!!

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Sounds like you have had a positive day and so nice to read you are feeling a little better :-)

Take Care x

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I'm not sure what Buspar is but I do think we are all curable. I wish your therapist didn't plant seeds in your mind about what he believes will happen if you learn to master your anxiety. He doesn't really know. Once you master your anxiety the depression may never bother you again.. There are some people on here having success with embracing the anxiety and all of the fears that come with it and from what I've read lately, it sounds like the way to go to successfully kick anxiety and panic to the curb. I can't/don't take medication and I feel I'm no worse off with my anxiety than someone who is taking medication. I hope things improve for you and maybe ask the therapist not to tell you what he thinks your outcome will be. Everyone is different and reacts differently. It's not one size fits all.

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i never really struggled with depression just anxiety except while on the prozac which was a reaction to it. its just scary.


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