Feeling strange

Hi, not posted for a while, been feeling pretty good for a month or two then today at tea time I feel awful, neck and left shoulder ache, tight (lump) feeling in throat, sort of tight chest, feels like I can't breathe deep enough, dizzy, jelly legs so tired but can't sleep its 01.32 am been in bed since 11.15 pm. I also have Ibs and my tummy is so bubbly and grumbly at the moment. Really trying to relax by breathing but nothing is working. Any suggestions?

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  • Hi yep sounds like me . I was good for a good 6 weeks then BOOM it's back . Heart palpitations , lump I'm throat , checking pulse all the time, off balance , aching shoulders and neck , bowel problems , feeling so neauseas in the mornng and jelly legs. As I say the Devil has reared his ugly head again 😡

  • Yes I get all that and more sine time x different things every day x lump in throat in chest and stomache bowels back shoulders x if you try to relax it does help if we can relax your mind x

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