Anxiety again

My anxiety is back at it again, but this time I woke up with it, which has never happened to me. I woke up scared of blood clots (I've been doing extra sitting because I have a sinus infection and my job is taking salary cuts and I don't work for 2 weeks)

I could breathe dine but my brain was like "oh no you're having a hard time", so now I'm taking deep breath and now I keep thinking it's traveling to my brain. Now I'm getting weird feelings in my head and body and I feel weak

Man I really wish I could go one day without anxiety

Someone help me I'm over reacting right?


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3 Replies

  • You are overreacting. You are also getting too much oxygen to your brain at once. Breathing techniques are all over the internet. I do the breathe in for 4, hold 2, and out 8. I hope this helps. Right now I'm struggling with severe anxiety and I have the floating feeling and dizziness. I also worry all day about a heart or heart problems. I'm 16.

  • i going threw alot of that now with xtra symptoms i just dont know how to not worrying or think the worse

  • Funnily enough, last night I woke up twice for the first time with an anxiety attack.

    You're fine, I've been to the ER 3 times in the last 2 months. Each time with absolute, rated 10 scary symptoms. They were just anxiety attacks, now that I know I'm okay, I'm having panic attacks and I feel absolutely terrible. But it's completely harmless.

    I've been trying to give it to God, but easier said than done

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