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Do we feel what we fear?

When I first got anxiety back in 2013, my biggest issue as far as symptoms were stomach related: butterflies or tightness in the stomach, always nauseated, no appetite, digestive issues, etc. I was very afraid of getting a stomach flu of any kind because I had just been very sick from a stomach flu. It took me months to start eating again and to not focus so much on my stomach symptoms so that I could go out with friends. I've had pretty good control over my anxiety minus the few anxiety attacks in between. I recently had a really bad experience with a headache that lasted about 8 days straight, ever since then all my focus is on my headaches. I constantly "check in" and acknowledge if I feel anything. I pretty much constantly feel pressure or tightness in my head but only if I think about it. If I'm out with friends or running errands or watching a good movie I will feel 100% fine, but then I "check in" on my pain and then I'll feel pressure or something. I'm completely terrified of the idea of having headaches and migraines for the rest of my life and enabling me to have children and travel...

I'm starting to think that whatever I am feeling is literally just my fear. Anyone else?

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I first have to say that I relate so much to your posts. I'm about to have my 3 year "anniversary" in July, and though I climb back out of my hole and almost completely live without it, it comes back - and I feel like giving up.

I believe that we feel what we fear. My biggest fears always come "true" in the form of anxiety. My body makes them come true. If you look for a penny around every corner you'll eventually find one. So I'm focusing on getting back to my old self and live so adventurously and carefree!

"I am an old man and have known a great many troubles, many of them never came true."

-Mark Twain


Thank you for the response and the quote! I just had my 3 years anniversary in March. Time sure does fly- I remember when it first started and I realized it was anxiety and that I wasn't just sick that I would be "get over it" in 6 months. I was doing so well for over a year, I was having an anxiety attack here and there, but for the most part I was doing great. I'm so terrified of having headaches that it's all I think about now...


You raised a good point and we do tend to worry about our symptoms. The fact that our symptoms are varied and its a chronic illness is hard. Its not easy to distract ourselves from how we feel. I have had the headache that lasted four days and nights too. Mine was related to a disc problem in my neck. My doctor has asked me to watch how I feel and let her know. she said that anxiety can raise the blood pressure and affect the heart. She wants to rule things out.

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You are speaking my mind.. anxiety is scaring the hell out of me. 😔


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