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Intracellular testing

Hey all, I've been living with anxiety for a month short of three years. I always avoided it or wouldn't seek treatment. I would just check in every now and then and make sure I wasn't dying and be on my way. (Still crippling my life at the time)

This last time I've been dealing with anxiety, I'm over it. I want it gone and I want to fix the problem and not take meds to mask it.

I have recently just started cleaning my life up, all the dark things, all the unhealthy habits.. All of it and I'm undergoing EMDR treatment with a psychologist and seeing a holistic chiropractor. I had my hair sampled by her a few weeks back for intracellular testing. Blood work Shows what's up outside the cell but hair shows what's inside the cell, such as too much or too little of toxins, minerals, etc.

turns out, I'm deficient in a lot of minerals and my adrenal glands aren't functioning fully - due to not being fed enough. My gut isn't functioning how it should because when we're stressed out, our bodies don't digest and the cycle continues.

My Dr says that I should be back to normal in about 4 months. Thank God!

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Oh wow. Very interesting. I'm definitely going to check it out. Thank you for sharing and wishing you an awesome recovery!


Good luck man ! We're all rooting for you okay


Thank you, I will post results


Also, I forgot to mention that she realigned my neck because my vagus nerve was getting stimulated by my posture.

I felt great after that.


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