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Another trip to A and E

I am so fed up :(

I have never been one to go to the doctors or hospital unless necessary.

The last 3 months I have lost count of doctors trips and tonight had my second hospital visit.

I have been taking one 40mg propranolol tablet for 3 weeks now which has eased symptoms like shaking and fast heart palpitations.

However two different occasions this evening (second one a lot worse lasting longer) I have felt as if my heart/breathing just stopped working for a few seconds. It was so scary but didn't have a full blown panic attack after it. Just really upset and a bit shaky afterwards.

The doctor sent me Home and assured me I won't just 'drop dead', but I seriously think I am going to every day.

Are these random heart changes normal even when I'm just lying in bed or not in an anxious situation!?:(

Any help greatly appreciated xx

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In sorry to hear that, just relax and trust your doctors and may God bless you ❤ hopefully someone for experienced will reply to you

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i've experienced this several times. i had my first panic attack 7 years ago out of no where. i was 22 with no history of depression or mental health problems. i was convinced i was having a heart attack or something catastrophic every time and it took many many hospital and doctor visits before i finally accepted that i had an anxiety disorder. having those symptoms is very common when feeling anxiety/panic and accepting that fact (as hard as it is i know) will help relieve you some. That being said, it rarely does just go away and be gone. it took me years to realize the benefit of admitting the need for help and finding it. The fact that your find this site is a good step, i have only just discovered it myself. you may find help from medication, but i would suggest finding some sort of therapy or counsel if you can. i know it's horrible in the moment, but there are ways to help yourself (look up some deep breathing techniques or relaxation methods) if you're going into full blown panic, try to breathe into a paper bag. hope this helps and that you're feeling better by now.


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